RINO Ready Companion Review

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Overall review: 10/10 Overall price: $399

Where to buy: Who is this bag for? Everyone About the bag

The Shell: The backpack is easily what sets this survival system apart from all others with similar gear. When you first see the bag in person the quality of the material instantly stands out and you almost have to touch it to see if it feels as good as it looks, and it does. Almost like a very think canvas but instead of cotton, it's a fire-resistant material that feels like it would be resistant to ripping if it manages to get a tear. The seams of the zipper make the bag look almost completely waterproof, which apparently it is. Height and width: 430 mm height, 320 mm width

Depth: 140 mm

Attachment points: The Hypalon attachment points on the side of the bag are also a nice touch that adds functionality to the bag without trying to cover the outside in Molle webbing to make it look "tactical". Instead, they went with a sleek and minimalist design that I think adds to the overall functionality of the bag. This theme is continued throughout every facet of the survival system, function over flair. Which in the ends makes the entire system beautiful in its simplicity.

Weight: My bag is 21lbs with the prefilled gear, 6 of those pounds is water for 3 days.

Shoulder straps: The padded shoulder straps fit inside the sleeve on the back that also helps air circulate when the shoulder straps are out and the bag is on your back. The big isn't too heavy but it does feel solid. It feels best while wearing it, and the shoulder straps carry the weight well, but the hips straps take most of the weight and really make the difference, which is of course what they are for.

Weight distribution: The bag feels a little heavy and awkward when you first pick it up, but that’s because the weight distribution is optimally designed to be carried on your back. The ingenious internal “modular component” bags have Velcro® backing which means you can be extremely precise on where the weight in your bag is and the bags can be removed quickly. This also means your gear wont move or slide around at all and everything will be right were you left it. The water is the heaviest and sits right at your shoulder blades closest close to you back, with the lighter gear on the part of the bag the is farther away from your back, which is right where you want the weight.

Internal Modular Bags: These are definitely the key point to the success of this bag and why the bag itself is priced at $199 which I think considering ow much other bags without these features is a great value. The interior of the bag is lined with the soft side of the Velcro®, which means you can reorganize it how you want to. I didn’t feel the need to move anything because the layout was already correct and the heaviest items were right where they needed to be. Each bag is made of a material that feels good and has a water-resistant feel. The seams of the bags look durable and after a year of having the bag, not a single stitch has gotten loose. The gear fits well inside the bags and they aren’t stuffed at all. The bags are also clearly labeled with the type of items and a list of what is in each bag with large icons. Bag Comparison: The Companion backback empty is $199. It was difficult to find a backpack to try and compare it with, but I did manage to find a few, although only one of them is flame retardant and not flame resistant. The Kubility backpack is meant to keep your high-end camera safe while traveling, which retails for $197 on Amazon and is flame retardant. There is also the Osprey Stratos for $169 and is your standard large hiking backpack. And the Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Pack for $199 which has the closest features to the Companion for internal storage layout, how it opens up, and overall high-end quality. So a $200 price point for this backpack is right where it should be. The Companion backpack is comparable to similar bags in price while having more space and functionality.

What's in the bag?

  • WARMTH: 2 pairs of gloves, 2 raincoats, 2 blankets, 4 warmers, tent

  • TOOLS: 5" full tang blade + sheath, magnesium ferro rod, multi-tool, 550 paracord rope, duct & signal tape

  • SIGHT+AIR: 2 ANSI approved // reflective goggles, 2 masks

  • LIGHT: 2 chem lights, rechargeable flashlight, headlamp, all weather matches

  • COMMS: emergency solar + crank radio flashlight

  • FIRST AID: 100+ piece first aid kit, 4 large body wipes

  • FOOD: 2 x Datrex 2400Kcal food rations

  • WATER: 10 water purification tabs, 1000ml SS bottle, 18 Datrex water sachets

  • GUIDE: survival guide

Designed to sustain two people during the first 72 hours of any emergency. Adaptable, compact, and ready when you need it most.

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