Kids Bug Out Bag

       Bugging out, or evacuating, with kids can add a new layer of stress to an already stressful situation. Below are some items that can go into your child's very own bug-out bag. Why do kids need their own bag? 

  1. To give them a feeling of being in control of something. 

  2. To give them something to be responsible for and to focus on

  3. To give them things they can use without having to ask

  4. to give them something that feels familiar

       Obviously, they shouldn't be responsible for anything serious or fundamental to their survival, instead, it acts as a comfort blanket while still being practical. As much as possible, let them choose what goes into their backpack. Instead of just choosing for them, ask which color backpack or blanket they would like, what kind of coloring books, and which stuffed animals they will put in their special bag. Along with the below items, you should add;

  1. A change of clothes for three days

  2. Medication for a week or more depending on the type of medication

  3. A favorite book they are familiar with

  4. Two bottles of water they can drink whenever they want

  5. Some snacks they can eat whenever they want