I use hope and moral interchangeable because while they are different, they have such a strong effect on one another they are inseparable.


       So, you are in a disaster situation, you have shelter, water, and food. You are going to be there for up to a week, maybe longer. What do you do while you wait? Having something to do during the day is going to be very important. 

       Or let's say you aren't sheltering in place and you on the move. You spend multiple hours a day driving or walking and taking care of The Survival 3's. Having something to fill up the rest of the hours will be important. Something fun or distracting to look forward to and unwind. In The Martian, stranded on Mars, Mark Watney watched tv shows, read books, and listened to music to keep himself relaxed and motivated.


       So the items listed below are things to help keep hope alive and to help keep you going. Something to feel normal and like yourself again, to forget where you are and relax can be very important to staying alert.  



       Another part of feeling normal is staying connected to other people. And cell phones work in most places, can be charged easily, and we all already have them. But during emergencies and large scale disasters cell towers can get clogged up or damaged. So having a few other ways of staying in touch are invaluable. 



      This section may seem the least likely topic to be brought up for survival. But that is because most people have never had to stay in one place for more than three days with shelter, water, and food provided. In a lot of cases, you will still have a way to charge your electronics. So having a laptop with movies, a Kindle to read books, or even an iPod to listen to music can go a very long way. I have a few other ideas in the entertainment section.


Extra Moral Boost


       These are some of my favorite things to enjoy while on a hike or during survival training. These are mostly small random items that don't really belong elsewhere but I would never go without. Like a french press camping coffee maker. It is something you drink but doesn't really belong in the food section. 


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