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My Mission:
To teach the survival basics and create a survival plan to prepare for the most probable and severe disasters. 

Survival in 3 Steps

Step 1: Understanding Risk

       The first step is to learn how to calculate risk. Two important parts of risk are probability and severity. In other words, how likely something is to happen and how bad it would be if it did. 


Step 2: Understanding the

Survival Fundamentals

       The severity of a risk matrix will depend on which of the survival fundamentals is a factor and will be a combination of factors most of the time. 

Step 3: Make a Plan and Practice

       The last step is learning what situations are most probably in your area for the last 10 to 20 years. Listing the scenarios by the most recent, then the most frequent, which shows the probability. Next, grade them by how many of the survival fundamentals were at risk, which shows the severity. Use a survival risk matrix to determine which to prepare for first. Then research and get the gear that will help keep you safe based on each situation.

Sometimes one piece of gear will help you be repaired for multiple scenarios, like mylar blankets, duct tape, or a water filter. You will begin to notice these critical items more and more and will help reinforce how important they are. 

Once you have a plan in place once a month or so try and test it out in a safe way and make a list of what you would have wanted to have


Community Survival

Once you have a plan to keep yourself and your family safe, the next phase of Survival is helping others when you are able. Survival doesn't happen in a vacuum and the best way to fail is to try and survive alone. 

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